3 Clever Ways To Use Candy Canes For The Holidays

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Candy canes for the holidays? Ground breaking! Haha! I remember I actually used to EAT candy canes as a child, now they're a lot less appealing... still love them but I have no inclination whatsoever to eat them haha! Regardless, they are a holiday classic and a staple to have in the house every holiday season. I was recently challenged to find three different ways to incorporate candy canes this holiday season and use them in ways that I normally otherwise wouldn't. I took the challenge and decided to get creative! Starting with a Pinterest DIY that has been pinned too many times to count!

Candy Cane Holiday Floral Vase

I don't know about you, but I LOVE a good Pinterest DIY. It's awesome when it turns out exactly how it was meant to and its equally awesome when it doesn't! BUT only because it becomes so comical that laughing until you can't breath just can't be helped. Anyway, my first idea (thank you Pinterest!) was to recreate this candy cane floral vase. It's perfectly festive and compliments the red and white flowers perfectly! I actually used a lot more candy canes than I thought I would. I basically took a boring old glass vase and placed two thick rubber bands around it. Then I took a candy cane, one by one, and positioned it between the vase and rubber bands to keep them upright. Afterwards, I tied it all up with a cute little ribbon and bow which served two purposes, to hide the rubber bands and give it that finishing touch. This DIY turned out so cute that now it's currently displayed  on my living room coffee table! 


A minimal chic table setting is so perfect for the holidays! Between the hustle and bustle of hosting guests and making sure you don't burn anything in the kitchen (the struggle is real!), a pretty and clean table setting sounds enticing doesn't it? Keeping things simple and chic does not need to be difficult. Place a sprig of evergreen on your napkin then top it with an unwrapped candy cane for the perfect touch of holiday cheer. I can't get enough of this setting! For the centerpiece, I just placed evergreen garland along the center of the table and added a few holiday decorations I had lying around the house. So simple, easy, and truly festive!

Candy Cane Holiday Table Setting
Candy Cane Holiday Table Setting
Holiday Gifts

My last idea, was to use these cute candy canes to add an extra little something to some of my Christmas gifts. One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is to gift wrap! I have enjoyed doing this since I can remember! I love having a combination of supplies, making sure that every gift is finished off with an added extra touch of magic. That's where the candy canes come in! Initially I thought I would stick a single candy cane under the ribbon but when I realized that two candy canes made up a little heart, I just couldn't help myself. I LOVE how it looks!

I'm trying to soak in as much of the holiday magic as possible because it's my favorite time of year and I can't get enough! I hope these three little clever ideas are useful to you this time of year! It's all about that extra touch of magic during this time of year isn't it? 

Thank you so much for taking a moment of your day to stop by. See you back here on Friday morning for a brand new post.

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