3 Steps To Brighter Under Eyes with Becca Cosmetics

3 Steps To Brighter Under Eyes With Becca Cosmetics
Becca Cosmetics Brighter Under Eye Kit
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Three little magic words, brighter under eyes. I think it's safe to say we all covet those days when we could sleep in, waking up bushy tailed and bright eyed. Unfortunately, not a lot of sleeping in (or actual sleep!) is happening over here, specially while nine months pregnant! Between not being able to get comfy because of this huge baby bump and getting up to pee a million times throughout the night, getting a good night's rest is a thing of the past. I've been making sure to apply under eye cream religiously, both in the morning and at night, but I always need some serious TLC during the daytime to hide the fact that I didn't get enough sleep. Well, Becca Cosmetics came to my rescue just in time. I received this lovely little PR box a couple of weeks ago with three easy steps for brighter under eyes and it just about changed my life! Let me tell you a little more about these three easy steps that make me look like I actually got my eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Becca Cosmetics // Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer Review
Becca Cosmetics // Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer Review

S  T  E  P     O  N  E     :     D  E  -  P  U  F  F

Step one consists of de-puffing the under eye area with Becca's Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer. It comes in a small clear compact container and feels balmy to the touch but not sticky or heavy. To apply, simply swirl and warm between finger tips (I personally like to use my ring finger for this) and pat under the eye and on the orbital bone. It almost instantly deflates my under eye bags, smooths fine lines, and works to blur and brighten the area. I love that it feels soothing and even has a little cooling action upon contact which makes sense since the ingredients for this product include caffeine, cucumber, and matcha.

Becca Cosmetics // Under Eye Brightening Corrector Review
Becca Cosmetics // Under Eye Brightening Corrector Review

S  T  E  P     T  W  O     :     B  R  I  G  H  T  E  N

I've actually used this product before getting this package and let me tell you, a little goes a looong way! The first time I tried this, it was kind of a fail because I used way too much product! haha! My under eyes were brighter than the sun!! But I learned my lesson for the next time I applied it. I was actually pleasantly surprised to find two pots of this Under Eye Brightening Corrector in the package, one for light complexions and another for medium to deep complexions, which is the one I'm currently loving! This under eye corrector works by neutralizing darkness under and around the eye which instantly adds light and lifts to brighten for gorgeous slept-for-8-hours-straight eyes! 

Becca Cosmetics // Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder Review
Becca Cosmetics // Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder Review

S  T  E  P     T  H  R  E  E     :     S  E  T

After applying your holy grail under eye concealer, the next and last step is of course to set everything in place so it stays put for the rest of the day! Becca's Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder is everything I've always wanted in an under eye setting powder. It's long-lasting and light, practically weightless and doesn't irritate or dry out my under eye area. I take it on a small brush, pat off the excess and sweep under my eyes to set my concealer. Then I'm ready to take on the day and look a lot more put together than when I first started this under eye process.

These three little steps have been life changing for my under eyes but I'm actually still on the hunt for the perfect concealer! For some reason, it's been the hardest for me to find one that I truly love! If you have any suggestions make sure to send them my way, I know a lot of you have holy grail concealers that you love. As always, thank you so much for taking a  moment of your day to stop by. See you back here next week for a brand new post! Happy weekend ahead!

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This product was gifted by Becca Cosmetics, but any and all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting those brands that make For All Things Pretty possible and thank you Becca Cosmetics for always making me feel put together and ready to tackle the day ahead. #GiftedByBecca

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