5 Items To Keep On Your Nightstand


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Happy Friday! The weekend is upon us and I couldn't be happier. There's nothing more that I love than having some r&r time along side my husband after a busy week. After a long week or even a long busy day, I love winding down. Anyone else feel the same way? πŸ™‹  Today, I'm sharing five items I keep on my nightstand that help me wind down for the day and I feel like everyone should have these on their nightstand. They're absolute must haves for my nighttime routine that help me unwind and get me ready for bed.


But first, a cute set of pajamas. I always begin my nighttime routine by changing into something completely comfortable, like this matching set of pajamas from Adore Me. They are incredibly soft, fit just right, and I love that they match! Add a cute pink lace bralette and it's the perfect look for lounging around the house. If I feel like I need a little extra pampering, I love to relax in a warm bath before heading off to bed. I have been using bath salts every time I run a bath and I'm currently completely obsessed with Mayfair Soap Foundry and their Grapefruit Bergamot line. It has a light citrus scent with hints of magnolia and carnation, the perfect combo to help me feel rejuvenated and relaxed. When I'm finally ready to get to bed, I love to reach to my nightstand for a couple of things.

01. scented candle. I always make sure to light a scented candle early in my nighttime routine. It's a nice way to make my bedroom smell lovely and creates a soothing and calming feeling in the room that adds to that relaxing factor I always seek at the end of a long day.

02. hand cream. I love having a rich cream within reach on my nightstand because I can't go to bed without moisturizing my hands first. I've found that moisturizing my hands before bed helps keep my hands soft and smooth which makes them feel great the next day. I currently have the Mayfair Soap Foundry Grapefruit Bergamot body creme (that matches my bath scent) on my nightstand and I reach for it every night. The aroma is truly heavenly!

03. a pad of paper and matching pen. In order to truly wind down, I always feel like I have to clear my mind. Sometimes my mind feels cluttered with to-do lists or I'll think of a new idea and will worry about forgetting it which makes me anxious and throws off my entire relaxation mode. To combat that, I always like to keep a pad of paper and a matching pen on my nightstand to quickly jot down any to-do's or new ideas so I still remember them in the morning. This quickly helps me organize my thoughts and makes me feel so much better. 

04. glass of water. Staying hydrated is really important to me. Drinking water not only helps me stay hydrated inside but there are also so many benefits of drinking water for my skin. I usually try to drink at least two liters of water a day and if I'm missing a few ounces by bedtime, I make sure to catch up on them before going to sleep. I find that staying hydrated gives my skin a glow which makes it feel more supple and is less keen to getting irritated and blemished. Always a win in my book!

06. lip product. I'm currently using Purlisse's daily lip nourisher every night before I go to bed. I apply it liberally all over my lips and let it soak in, leaving me with soft, supple and hydrated lips. I very much love the feeling of soft pretty lips, so I never go to bed without first applying a lip product.


There something about the act of winding down for the night that I love so much. Creating a nice atmosphere with a scented candle, jotting down any thoughts or ideas on a pretty notepad to clear the mind, and hydrating and moisturizing to feel pampered at the end of a long day always help me relax and unwind. What are some of the products you use or things you like to do that help you mellow out after a long day? Please feel free to let me know in the comments below.

As always, thank you so much for taking a moment of your day to stop by. Wishing you a happy weekend ahead!




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