5 Must Haves For Spring


Hello there! How excited are we for the weekend?! It's finally Friday and I can't wait to celebrate. Lots of sunshine is forecasted for the next few days and I can't wait to get out there and enjoy it. I've collaborated with a fellow blogger, Abigail from Sincerely Abigail, to bring you our top five must haves for spring today. Let's get started.

01. Pale neutral purse. A neutral purse in a softer tone is so essential for spring. I typically store away my darker purses and bring out softer toned purses and more organic colored pieces to incorporate those into my spring wardrobe.

02. Fresh blooms. Fresh florals are always a must, specially during spring season. When so many flowers are blooming outdoors, how can you not bring in a bouquet of fresh flowers indoors to liven up your space, right? They smell so yummy and look great in a cute vase on your coffee or entrance table.

03. Cute spring dress. Dresses in varying textures and/or patterns are great to have on hand for those spring days that are filled with sunshine and calling for bare legs. The four dresses pictured above are currently my favorite. Print, fabric, color, and detail are what catch my eye when I'm shopping for a dress and all of the above have one or the other. I love the full body oversize lace on the first one. The color and print of the second dress caught my eye, it's perfectly bohemian and I loved it. I found the detail of the beading on the third dress to be really pretty and unique. The fourth dress is one of those minimalistic basics that can be worn in a variation of outfits and it fit really well. When you're out shopping for dresses keep in mind print, fabric, color, and detail but ultimately, if it makes you feel happy then you know you found your must have. (;

04. Ball cap. In honor of baseball season, a ball cap/dad hat (click here to see more about the dad hat trend) is totes necessary. It also doesn't hurt that it doubles up as sun protection for your face. An item that is on trend and provides protection from the sun? Yes, please!

05. Lace-up flats. Pointed toe shoes are currently on trend right now and I'm loving these lace up flats. The lace that wraps around the ankle adds a girly and romantic detail to any outfit, you just can't go wrong! I decided to purchase these in a camel color to add a more organic spring feel to some of my looks this season.

Those were my top five must haves for spring. Head on over to www.SincerelyAbigail.com to see her top five must haves for spring. What are some of yours? Let me know down below.

Thank you so so much for taking a moment of your day to stop by. Wishing you a happy weekend ahead,

XO Karen