5 Tips For Better Flatlays


Hello there! Today I'm sharing 5 tips for better flatlays. Flatlays are a fun way to display outfits or create vignettes with special items. I use all of these tips every single time I style my photos so I truly hope they are useful to you. Enjoy!

01. Background. Your background is very important. Keeping the background simple allows the focus to be on the items being displayed.

02. Color story. Harmonize the colors in your props to create a cohesive look. Different tones of the same color or a pretty combination of colors will be more pleasing to the eye than a whole slew of different shades. 

03. Accessorize. Let's say you're taking a photo of a stack of books... add a coffee cup and a pair of reading glasses to bring it all together. If you're taking a flatlay of your outfit, add some accessories. Jewelry, sunglasses, or a cute purse will bring in another fun element to your photo.

04. Bring the outdoors in. I love adding a touch of the outdoors to my photos... flowers, a sprig from a tree or even a palm leaf may add another dimension to your photo and will work well with the story you're telling.

05. Mix textures and shapes. Mixing different types of elements creates a unique and visually pleasing layout. If you're taking a photo of a collection of lipsticks, place them on a round tray and add a fur throw underneath to create a softer feel. Playing with textures and shapes is fun to do and sets the mood for the items you're highlighting.

I hope you've enjoyed this post. If you decide to try any of these tips, please make sure to tag me in your photos. I'd love to see what you come up with. As always, thank you for taking a moment of your day to stop by.

XO Karen