5 Tips To Make Every Day A Productive Day


Hi besties! I'm so happy it's Friday! The weekend is once again upon us and I'm so excited because I have plans to lay out at the beach and take a moment to breathe and just be. Recently, I've been feeling like I'm going 100mph crossing things off my to-do list, all while adding more and more things to do onto it. I've been doing a few different things every day that always helps me have a productive day. I always end up feel accomplished at the end of the day for working so hard and getting everything on my to do list checked off for the day so today I'm sharing with you 5 tips for making every day a productive day. Let's get started:

01. Make lists and prioritize. There's nothing better than having a designated place to jot down everything you need to get done for the day. Being organized and having a to-do list will allow you stop thinking of everything you need to do that day by letting you focus on one specific task. Prioritizing your to-do list allows you to get most important things done first and checking those things off the list feels pretty incredible. 

02. Set goals and time frames for those goals. The key to achieving goals is to set them. Knowing what you want and when you want it makes the process of getting there so much easier. Setting goals will help you stay focused and motivated to achieve them.

03. Wake up a little earlier. You know that old saying "the early bird gets the worm"? In this case, its true. Waking up a little earlier in the day gives you some more time to plan your day out and get started on your to-do list. I always feel great when I finish my day early because I woke up a little earlier than usual to get things done.

04. Get inspired. Getting inspired and having that inspiration become motivation truly helps to be productive. For example, sometimes I get complacent and don't feel like working out. I mean who truly wants to work out, you know? What I'll do is watch one of Tone It Up's Youtube videos featuring Karena & Katrina and get inspiration from them to work out. I always find that looking up to someone and getting inspiration from them always helps clear my mind to see the bigger picture. 

05. Remove distractions. This kind of ties in with the point above. There's a thin line getting inspired by someone/something else and getting distracted. Taking a few minutes to get inspired is great! Taking a few hours to browse social media, binge watch a show on Netflix, or wander around aimlessly doing nothing will not help you be productive. Removing distractions and having a specific goal in mind will help you tremendously to have a productive day.

At the end of the day, feeling like I had a very productive day always makes me happy. Knowing that I gave it my all and finished all of my tasks assigned for that day makes me feel accomplished and ready to take on the next day. With that in mind, I also believe taking a second to breathe and unwind is incredibly necessary. Life is all about balance, working hard every day but also taking a day to relax is great for your overall well being.

Thank you so much for taking a moment of your day to stop by and read along. I hope these tips truly help you to have a more productive day everyday. Follow me on Instagram to stay updated with my endeavors during the weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday morning for a brand new post.

Happy weekend!

XO Karen

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