A California Girl's Summer Uniform: Crop Top + Denim Shorts


Happy Monday gal pals! I feel like summer has been flying by. This weekend was spent out and about enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. On Saturday, Shawn and I stopped by Lemonade for lunch in Huntington Beach and found out it was National Lemonade Day! What a sweet surprise! Then on Sunday, we walked to a farmer's market in Long Beach for our usual Sunday morning wheatgrass shot but they were sold out! However, we did pick up some great produce, including a couple of white peaches that are probably the best I've had all summer long (I shared them on my Instagram here). Style in Southern California varies from person to person, but a beachy and boho sense of fashion is very popular along the west coast. A great pair of denim shorts paired with a cute floral crop top and matching accessories is one of my favorite (and most popular!) combinations for summer. 


Endless days at the beach have been spent this summer. Shawn and I go running by the shore a few times a week and sometimes run down main street through all the quaint little shops and restaurants. Running at the beach is always so peaceful (there's no traffic to disturb you) and I love when we run through main street because I like to window shop. Haha! This floral crop top had been on display at the cutest boutique for a few days and I fell in love with it every time I ran by it. The floral makes it perfect for summer and the color is absolutely stunning. Like I was saying earlier, a cute crop top and a pair of distressed denim shorts is just about every Southern California girl's uniform. It's easy, cute, and functional. Brownie points if your crop top is off the shoulder. This trend has been so popular this summer and I'm sure it's not going anywhere for fall. I found these shorts at the same little bouquet. They're high waisted, a little bit distressed, and just the perfect length. Matching accessories in an earthy color complete the look perfectly. 


With only thirty days left of summer, I'm definitely enjoying every last second. I already know these shorts are going to be in major rotation, and this crop top has become one of my favorites! What has your summer uniform been like this season? Feel free to let me know in the comments below. 

As always, thank you so much for taking a moment of your day to stop by. See you back here on Wednesday for a new post!

P.S. I couldn't find and link the exact same articles of clothing I'm wearing since I bought them in a small boutique by the beach. However, I did link a few similar items that are super cute and will make it easy to recreate this look down below.