A Casual Look Ft. Lace Up Flats


Happy Wednesday, besties! We made it to the middle of the week! Whoohoo! Today, I'm sharing with you my latest ootd. I've been coveting a pair of lace up flats for months now since I've seen them all over Instagram and always thought they were so cute! The only thing holding me back was the fact that I don't usually wear flats. It's been at least 5 years since I've bought a pair because I always thought they made me appear short. I'm 5'4 and usually always like to wear shoes with a heel to give me some added height. (The only exception to that statement would be a pair of sandals. Being a SoCal girl, I love a good pair of sandals.) Anyway, the other day I was walking through Target with my husband and we passed by the shoe department and lo and behold, these brown lace up flats were right there, in my size! I decided now was the time to get out of my comfort zone, I just couldn't leave these behind. I'm so happy with this new purchase and can't wait to wear them in spring. I can just imagine pairing them with anything from shorts, to skirts and maybe a few dresses! Today, I wore them with a pair of black denim and a simple top. I love the detailing and embroidery on the top and thought it paired well with the layered necklaces too. I know I'm so late on the lace up bandwagon, but I'm still so excited! What was the last purchase that made you feel eager and enthusiastic? Let me know down below. (:

Thanks for stopping by,

XO Karen