All Black Everything


The all black everything trend is one of those trends that works in any situation and every season. For example, it works in summer when you throw on a pair of black distressed shorts and a black crop top, pair it with some cute black sandals and a matching cross body purse and you're set to go. Black on black has always been a favorite of mine. You're probably really confused right now, up until now all you've seen is white, light, and airy. Sometimes I get in one of those moods where black just feels comfy to me and I embrace it. It's an easy and quick way to look chic and put together. The key to wearing black on black is very simple, just make sure all your blacks match. It's easy to see the difference in dark clothing (ahem! faded black) when you wear the same color head to toe. Today, I'm wearing this pretty shift dress that has been hanging in my closet for a little while now. It has an embroidered neckline and a scalloped hemline and I'm already dreaming of wearing it with a cute pair of black sandals in the summer. I threw on a black vegan leather jacket and added my black booties to keep it a little edgy and appropriate for colder weather. Do you like to wear black on black?

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