An Easy + Relaxed Daylight Savings Look


Hello there! Happy Monday! After losing an hour to daylight savings time yesterday, I decided for this quick, easy, and relaxed look. I technically woke up early but for some reason I'm already rushing. Anyone feel like they're already rushing because they're late even though two days ago you would've been early? Oh, the struggle! It's definitely going to take a few days to get adjusted to the time change. Anyway, the easiest way to get dressed when rushing out the door is to go for easy relaxed pieces that work well with each other. When getting dressed this morning, I immediately reached for a cream colored cotton top (one of my favorite versatile pieces!) and began adding layers. It's easy to create an outfit based on a neutral item. It's been a little chilly in Southern California recently, so I added a light cardigan and paired these two items with black denim and brown ankle boots. On my way out the door, I picked up my brown cross body purse and a pair of sunglasses and I was ready to go. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead and an easy transition with this daylight savings time change. Thank you so much for taking a moment of your day to stop by.

XO Karen