An Embroidered Beauty + My SheIn Summer Dress Wishlist


American Eagle dress | BP sunnies | Toms wedges (similar)

Hey there! Welcome back to the blog! It's definitely easy to say that I love wearing dresses. The ability to throw one on and almost be done styling a look is my favorite. They're easy, versatile, and depending on the dress, totally comfortable. I love wearing dresses because they make me feel pretty and feminine, I will also take every opportunity to wear some sort of heel for added height and dresses are that perfect opportunity. Have I shared that my husband is 6'3? He's almost a whole foot taller than me, I'm 5'4, and I will ALWAYS take any opportunity to wear a heel. Yup, I'm part of the shorty club but I think I've found the perfect way to give the illusion that I'm not! Haha! This summer, I've been living in dresses, beside shorts and skirts. Recently, I've been doing some shopping online and I was just browsing my new favorite online shop, and found so many cute (and affordable) dresses! I am swooning over all of these and couldn't help myself from sharing with you, the embroidery detail on some of the dresses are so cute and perfect for that SoCal laid back look that I'm always after. I've linked fifteen of my favorite dresses down below so feel free to take a look and tell me which one is your favorite.



I love endless summer days spent around friends and family in the perfect summer dress. Isn't that what summer is about? Making countless memories, enjoying the sunshine, and spending quality time with others? If I have the choice to wear a pretty dress while doing all of the above, I'll gladly abide. How do you feel about summer dresses? 

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