An Ultra-Girly Way to Wear Hunter Boots

Forever 21 denim jacket | Nordys white lace dress | Nordys clear umbrella | Target knee high socks | Hunter red high gloss boots | Gorjana necklace and Loren Hope bangle c/o Rocksbox (use code forallthingsprettyxoxo to get your first box of jewelry free)

Happy Tuesday! This look was directly inspired by all the rain we're currently having (and expecting for the rest of the week) here in Southern California. Rain is really rare here, so when it does come down, we embrace it fully. It's all about enjoying the little things, right? For some strange reason, it's not too cold when it rains here so I decided to put together an ultra-girly rainy day look to share with you. I usually love staying indoors with a hot cup of tea and a good book during rainy days but if I were to go out and run some errands (maybe, a trip to target?) during the rain, this is most likely what I would wear. 

My dear hubby gifted me with a pair of high gloss red Hunter boots for Christmas that I am over the moon about. This is my first pair of Hunters and I'm so obsessed. To be honest, I've been smitten with Hunters for years and years and now I have a pair of mine own! Yippee! I love that he chose the red option too, because they're such a classic color and look great paired with neutral looks. By now, if you've been following along for a while, you know that I cannot resist wearing a pretty dress. This white dress is of course a repeat offender BUT it's one of my favorite dresses currently in wardrobe. No shame for wearing it more than once and often at that! ;) A casual blue denim jacket gives the perfect contrast to my white dress and red Hunters. Of course, a few dainty accessories, like some cute jewelry from Rocksbox, my favorite jewelry monthly sub (use forallthingsprettyxoxo to get your first jewelry box free), a pair of knee high socks with the cutest little lace detail peeking out, and a heart printed clear umbrella complete this rainy day look. 

Rainy days are good for the soul. So are cute dresses, red Hunters, and pretty heart printed clear umbrellas. If you're here in Southern California, I hope you're enjoying the rain as much as I am. If you're anywhere else experiencing snow or any other type of winter weather, enjoy it, as it only comes once a year. I hope your Tuesday is a successful one and since today is indeed Tuesday, make sure to come back tomorrow for a brand new post. 

See you back here soon! 



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