Bare Shoulders


Hello loves! The weekend came and went so quickly and now it is Monday once again. Fear not though, we have officially started a new month and I am so excited to share lots of lovely and exciting things in store, beginning with this off the shoulder look today. Bare shoulders and cool breezy tops are essential for warmer weather and can I say I'm absolutely obsessed! This top is such a feminine piece and fits perfectly on the body. I love how soft and light it is, perfect for hot sunny days! It is also very delicate and flowy which makes it incredibly comfortable and oh so ladylike. I have to tell you a secret though.. this top has thin straps on the top that I tucked in to make it off the shoulder. If you click the link up top where it says shop details here, you'll see the model wearing the straps. Don't get me wrong, it looks so pretty that way and that is just the way I tried it on in store, but there's something so classic and clean about a crisp off the shoulder white top and so I decided to go that direction and I don't regret it one bit. Have you ever adjusted a garment to fit your vison? I'm always thinking of new ways to wear different clothing items and sometimes like to alter and customize them to make them my own. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. Cheers to a new month!

XO Karen