Cool And Casual For Disneyland + Theme Park Dress Code


Shorts: American Eagle // Tank: little girl's section at Target // Sunglasses: BP // California Ball Cap: Brandy Melville // Sneakers: Customized Nikes, similar here // Small Bucket Bag: Poverty Flats by rian, coveting this one here

Thinking of heading to a theme park this summer? I just went to Disneyland last weekend and it was so hot out! It was definitely well above a hundred degrees. When I think of being on my feet for 12 hours of the day and in the sun, all I desire is comfort. I had originally intended to wear a breezy white linen dress with thin straps but I couldn't find anything I liked the day I went shopping. The night before heading to the happiest place on earth, my hubby and I stopped by Target to stock up on water and snacks and passed by the little girl's clothing section. Lo and behold, this white flowy tank was hanging there, totally calling my name! I picked it up in the size x-large and placed it in my shopping cart. It would be perfect for a day at Disneyland. (By the way, does anyone ever do that? Recently, I've found so many cute tops in the little girl's clothing section at Target and never hesitate to buy them since they always fit like a dream. For example, I styled one here.) Anyways, when thinking of what to wear for a theme park, I always gravitate towards breezy cool clothing that is comfortable, you need to be able to walk and play in these clothes without worrying too much about them. I decided my favorite pair of American Eagle shorts would be perfect to pair with this cool flowy top. A small bag is essential to carry a few key items to avoid from carrying too much, many times I've made the mistake of overpacking for the day and get stuck carrying it all throughout the day and back home. This bucket bag keeps me from doing just that. A ball cap and a pair of sunnies is perfect to keep your face and eyes protected from the sun. Most importantly, don't forget to wear sunscreen to keep those uv rays at bay. Also, a pair of comfy shoes is key! We walked 10 miles that day and my husband and I were still fine towards the end of the day. I like to think that wearing our comfiest shoes helped us really enjoy our day at Disneyland regardless of all the walking that was done. My pink Nikes are always my go-to's for this type of occasion. Essentially, here are my four tips to keep in mind when getting dressed for a theme park this summer. 

Theme Park Dress Code: 

01. Wear light flowy comfortable clothing
02. Don't overpack. Carry a small bag with key essentials like your tickets, a few snacks, your wallet etc.
03. Protect yourself from the sun. Don't forget to apply sunscreen and try wearing a ball cap & a pair of sunglasses. 
04. Wear comfortable shoes, they truly make all the difference.

Are you thinking of heading to the happiest place on earth this summer? Or any other theme park? Thank you so much for taking a moment of your day to stop by and hangout. I truly hope you have a wonderful weekend. Don't forget to come back early Sunday morning for a new blogpost. See you soon!


P.S. If you came from Instagram to see the guy behind the camera, here are two pictures we got together at Disneyland that we're so excited about. My hubby is always behind the camera helping me shoot my outfits among other things and it is so rare that we ever get a photo together!