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Hey there, gal pals! Today, I'm sharing some of my beauty + skincare faves!

This is one topic that I can't get enough of and I absolutely love sharing. Below you'll find some of my favorites that I have been recently loving!!



Spongellé was kind enough to send me a couple of their infused body buffers and I've been absolutely LOVING them! They're essentially body buffers that replace a regular bath/shower sponge. The convenience of these is that they're infused with extracts, moisturizers and gentle cleansers so it's basically a luxurious two in one product. They lather up really nicely and leave a lovely scent for hours after a bath or shower. My favorite part of these products is that they're parabens free, cruelty free, vegan friendly, dermatologist tested, and sulfate free. They smell incredible too! My favorite of the bunch being the pink Bulgarian rose. I also love that they come in these cute floral shapes! Wouldn't these be the perfect stocking stuffers??



Purlisse is one of those companies I discovered years ago through my ipsy subscription. ((remember when I used to do Ipsy unboxings a while back?)) They're a wholesome company that believes in creating skincare that will result in beautiful skin and I've always been impressed with their products. I'm currently using some of their skincare, an eye cream and a serum, for my daytime and nighttime skincare routine that I absolutely love BUT today I wanted to share these sheet masks that both Shawn and I have been loving recently. I've been more proactive when it comes to masking because my skin responds very well to the masks that I'm using. What I love about these particular sheet masks is that they do exactly what they claim to do. There are four variations, Coconut + Rice which nourishes, Green Tea + Ginger which moisturizes and detoxifies, Green Tea + Vitamin C which moisturizes and clarifies, and lastly Charcoal + Licorice which refines pores. I love using these sheet masks a couple of times a week at night to help me wind down from a long day.

Coola Skincare

C O O L A   S U N C A R E

My obsession with Coola continues. I recently began using their sun care products early last summer and have loved every single product I've tried out. I stopped using heavy foundation during the summer and instead used Coola's BB cream to let my skin breath a little. I also used one of their makeup setting sprays that included SPF! It was so nice to have an added layer of protection on my skin for those days where I was outdoors a lot! This time around, I'm trying to keep my summer tan and have been using the sunless tan anti-aging face serum. It build up a nice tan on the face without being greasy, streaky, or oily. I've also began using they Dawn Patrol classic primer, which is the perfect base for my makeup AND contains SPF 30!

Becca Beauty // Après Ski Glow Collection: Eye Lights Palette
Becca Beauty // Après Ski Glow Face Palette
Becca Beauty // Après Ski Glow Collection: Eye Lights Palette

B E C C A   C O S M E T I C S

Becca Cosmetics has done it again! They just released two makeup palettes, an eyeshadow palette in conjunction to a face palette. They are both from their Après Ski Glow Collection, the eye palette comes with 7 neutral shades in 2 luxe finishes which are satin & shimmer. These shades are right up my alley! They're absolutely perfect for any eye color! The face palette comes with three highlighters, two blushes, and one bronzer. It's the perfect palette to achieve a natural glow for this time of year. Both of these palettes are limited edition and the packaging? Well, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous! I die for those mirrors too! 

I'm getting all the heart eyes for these beauty products! What are some of your favorite beauty or skincare products that you've been enjoying recently? Let me know in the comments below! I always love trying different beauty and skincare products.

Thank you so much for taking a moment of your day to stop by. See you back here next week for a brand new blogpost.

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