Dress Up Your Tech: Minimalistic Lavender Bunch

Happy Monday, gal pals! Want to know what's on my iPhone lock screen? Today, I'm sharing the exact photo that is on my iPhone 7 and offering it as a free download for your tech. Most often than not, you will probably find florals on my lock screen, they just make me happy! I read something online somewhere that said people place a photo on their phone lock screen/wallpaper that brings them joy every time they reach for their phone. Since I'm on my phone practically all day and flowers could do no wrong, I like to keep my lock screen minimal, simple, and floral. Like I said earlier, I love fresh flowers so whenever I have a bunch, I like to photograph it to use for my tech. I also love to share them here on For All Things Pretty with you to help make your tech a little brighter and happy. 

Today's free download is a minimalistic lavender bunch tied in a bow with brown twine. Simple and cute. The lavender and bottom leaves give off great texture while the colors are soft and calming. Download this wallpaper for your iPhone or iPad today. Simply click the image down below to expand it, then right click to save and download to your computer. For better quality, I highly suggest you download using your computer. 


What is it about a lavender bunch that is tied off into a bow that makes it so cute? I'm completely obsessed! I truly hope you enjoy this download as much as I do. Show me how it looks on your phone or tablet! Tag me on Insta, show me on Insta-stories, or simply DM me. You can also let me know what other flowers you'd like to see created into a wallpaper/lock screen. Leave your requests down below.

As always thank you so much for taking a moment of your day to stop by. See you back here on Wednesday for a style post. You see that photo up above? I'll be sharing more outfit details and the full look. It's so good! Stay tuned.

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