Dress Up Your Tech: Peony Wallpaper


Happy Wednesday, besties! I'm so excited to share today's blog post with you. After posting a throwback photo of my peonies from last year on Instagram, one of my insta-besties gave me the grandest idea! Why not recreate that photo and offer it on For All Things Pretty as a wallpaper for your phone or tablet! Peonies are by far my favorite flower. They are large fragrant blooms that only get prettier as they blossom, exposing layers upon layers of delicate ruffle like petals. They're only in season for a short period of time, typically late April to early June, so I always look forward to peony season and I always soak them in as much as I can because they're absolutely gorgeous and I'm completely obsessed. 

Celebrate peony season with me and download this wallpaper for your iPhone or iPad! Simply click the image down below to expand it, then right click to save and download to your computer. I do suggest you use your computer to download it.

Thank you so much for celebrating peony season with me. I truly hope your new wallpaper brings you joy every time you reach for your phone or tablet. Enjoy!

XO Karen

Karen O'BrienComment