Dress Up Your Tech: Wildflower Wallpaper

Peonies & Wildflowers

There's a beauty about wildflowers and their ability to grow anywhere and in any condition. Seeds scattered by the wind to land where they may to grow and bloom, beautiful and free. I love and appreciate nature but there is something so special about flowers that captures my attention. I'm not particular to only one single type of flower either, I think they're all beautiful in their own way and love seeing what blooms in every season. This past week, I went for a walk and noticed that many pretty flowers had bloomed so I made a mental note to bring a small basket and a pair of scissors on my next walk to forage some of these beautiful flowers. Today, I decided to share two wallpapers that feature all the beautiful flowers I gathered plus a couple of peonies that I already had at home. These wallpapers are perfect for your phone or tablet, I currently have the peonies & wildflowers on my iPhone and the daisies & wildflowers on my iPad. Aren't they so cute? I love the first option because of all the pink, but the second option is just perfect for summer!

Download one or both wallpapers for your iPhone or iPad! Simply click the image down below to expand it, then right click to save and download to your computer. I do suggest you use your computer to download it.


Let me know which wallpaper option is your favorite in the comments down below. Thank you, as always, for taking a moment of your day to stop by. Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!