Dresses & Rompers On A Summer Day


Hi gal pals! It's a super exciting day here at For All Things Pretty. Today, we're talking dresses and rompers for summer in collaboration with blogger babe Ciera from WorldWideStylista. Ciera and I connected through Instagram earlier this year. Her sense of fashion and love of style quickly caught my attention. After liking and commenting on each other's photos for quite some time, we both realized how close we lived to each other (both currently living in SoCal) and soon thereafter met face to face at a local blogger function. The rest is history, we clicked right away and decided it would be so much fun to collaborate. We have both been reaching for rompers and dresses all summer long and so we decided to shoot something pretty together featuring our go to frocks to share with you. ✨ 


Living in dresses and rompers is all I dream about during hot summer months and basically what my warm weather wardrobe consists of. They're my go to for a completely effortless but still very stylish and put together feel. I specially love living in dresses because there's a sense of femininity that overcomes you as soon as it is slipped on. The particular dress I'm wearing today is one of my favorites because of all the lace detail. The white feels crisp and clean on a hot summer day, while the lace is oh so girly. I love how dresses and rompers are almost like a one piece look, essentially all you have to worry about is finding the perfect accessories and shoes to pair with your piece to create a finished and cohesive ensemble. 


There are so many great rompers and dresses out there. Ultimately, Ciera chose to wear a really cute off the shoulder romper with an oversized floral design, while I went for an adorable white lace frock that still seems to mesmerize me. I absolutely love the sweetheart neckline and the dainty lace hemline on my dress. It's small touches like those that always seem to captivate me and draw me in to a clothing item. When it comes to finding dresses and rompers, I always look for detail. Whether it be a cute neckline, a pattern of some sort (safe to say I swoon for florals), off the shoulder style (which is totally trending right now and I'm completely obsessed with), feminine lace details, or even the most darling hemline, I always believe it's all in the details.


This is the summer of bare legs and darling frocks, and I'm loving every bit of it. What have you been reaching for this summer? Rompers or dresses? Let me know in the comments below. You can see more of Ciera's adorable off the shoulder look and other photos from our collaboration over on her blog, WorldWideStylista. 💗

As always, thank you so much for taking a moment of your day to stop by. Happy Wednesday!