Did you know October is National Beauty Month? Today I'm sharing five of my favorite beauty must haves for fall with you. Let's get started: 

  1. Fall always makes my skin feel just a little dry so I always make sure to keep it hydrated. A great way to combat dry skin is by using the Brazened Honey fresh face mask from Lush a couple of times a week. Not only does honey have anti-bacterial properties making it perfect to clear and brighten skin, but it is also very soothing, hydrating, and moisturizing.
  2. I love transitioning my mani color every season. For some reason I become obsessed with a color at the beginning of the season and stick with it until the next season comes around. During the summer I became obsessed with white manicures. I mean, white was perfect for any summer look! This fall I’m leaving white behind and going for a more dark and moody mani. I’ll be incorporating deep rubies, plums, grays, and maybe sneak in some gold into my fall manicures. These polishes from wHet nails are my favorite because they are truly chip resistant and vegan formulated. 
  3. There’s something about a wine stained lip that I absolutely love. It’s sultry, mysterious, and just a little bit mystifying which makes for the perfect fall lip. This NYX soft matte lip cream in the color Copenhagen is my fall go-to!
  4. I always believe in pampering my skin. When fall rolls around, the weather tends to get slightly cooler which could make my skin feel a little rough and dry. My favorite thing to do on days when I know my skin could use some pampering is to run a bath using a Land Of Milk n Honey bath bomb from Me Bath, then after relaxing in the bath for a while, I’ll jump into the shower and get rid of all of the dead skin cells using the shower sherbet, following up with the body wash. I always come out of the shower with skin feeling smooth, soft, and totally revived.
  5. Last but definitely not least, this might be the most important beauty product on the list without being a traditional beauty product at all. I truly believe beauty comes from the inside out and drinking water is so very important for our bodies. It helps clear your skin, improves elasticity which means it prevents wrinkles, and gives you a healthy glow. During colder months in the fall I love to drink tea. It not only helps keep my water intake on track but it also keeps me warm and cozy throughout the day.

Are there any beauty products you're currently loving that I should know about? What are they? I would LOVE to know! Also, please feel free to browse through the items I've linked down below. I couldn't find some of the items I just talked about but I did include ones that were great alternatives. Thanks for stopping by and reading along.

XO Karen