Friday Favorite: Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat


Hello Friday! This week's friday favorite comes in form of a pretty pink nail polish bottle from Perfect Formula. I've always been a HUGE fan of having primped and polished nails. Growing up, my parents were very strict about wearing makeup and nail polish. I longed for the days where I could experiment with both. Upon entering high school, my parents became a little more lenient and allowed me to wear just a little makeup and some nail polish, mostly light colors. So you can guess that as soon as I got a job, I went a little polish obsessed and began to grow my nail polish collection, think lots of bright hues in every color. Fast forward lots of years later and I still enjoy a great mani. This time around, you can usually find me in a white or pale pink mani, it is safe to say my years of crazy neon colored manicures are over! haha. After years of constant polish on my nails, I've definitely learned a thing or two, having strong healthy nails comes first. The secret to a perfect mani? Healthy nails! With this Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat, it has never been easier to achieve.


I've been testing the Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat for a couple of weeks now and I'm happy to say I'm so very pleased with it. This gel coat is a protein rich nail coating that strengthens, seals, and protects. It has an ever so slightly pink tint that filters out any yellow appearance in your nails, making your nail beds look pink and rosy while allowing the whites of your nails to look whiter and brighter. You can wear this pink gel coat alone or under your regular polish. Whenever I wear it alone, I do two coats for a little extra oomph (plus I'm slightly obsessed with the light pink tint), but when I wear it under polish I just wear one coat. I have always liked to keep my nails on the shorter side because I tend to have weak nails, but while using this product for a few weeks, I've felt like my nails are harder and stronger than ever. Weak nails are a thing of the past and I'm sure happy about it. Did I also mention it dries up quick? There's nothing more that I love than a fast drying polish.


This pink gel coat has quickly become one of my favorite beauty related items. My nails look healthier, shinier, and feel stronger. This is a must have for those with weak brittle nails! What is one beauty related item you have been loving lately?

Thank you for reading. Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead,




Perfect Formula gifted me with this Pink Gel Coat, but it is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.