Girl Talk: Just Like Flowers


Hello and happy Friday! By know you must know that one of the things that always brings me joy is a fresh bouquet of flowers. My first stop on the weekends is always the farmer's market to pick out a fresh bouquet of flowers (among other things) to bring home for the week ahead. There's always a multitude of flowers to choose from at the flower stand, each unique and beautiful in its own way. One day, I began to reflect how us, as human beings, should be more like these delicate flowers. Flowers come in an assortment of colors, shapes and sizes. Each one is unique and capable of blooming with a little tender love and care. As women (and men, too!), we are constantly being compared to someone else, being told we're too short, too tall, our eyes are too big, too small, or we're not skinny enough. Society tells us we have to look a certain way and by doing this we fall into a cycle of discouragement, constantly asking ourselves questions that lower our self-esteem. We begin to lose our confidence and we consequently lose what makes us, well, US. I believe comparison is the true thief of joy, we're stuck comparing ourselves to others and we forget all the qualities we possess as individuals that makes us incredible, distinct and beautiful. We feel the need to do what others do but guess what? That is not what we were meant to do. Just like flowers, we all come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. A flower doesn't think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms. Just like we weren't meant to be the same as the person next to us and we weren't meant to fit into the norm because we were meant to stand out, to shine and rise above. Each one of us is a little different and unique and that's what makes each of us incredible, that's where our true beauty lies. So I want to encourage you to be you, to be confident in yourself and be proud of who you are because that you, is the most beautiful you that you can be. Like flowers, each uniquely different from the other but still breathtakingly beautiful, I persuade you to stand out, be radiant and be true to yourself. Let's get together, stop competing with one another, and instead start celebrating each others' unique, individual, and ultimately beautiful characteristics. You are special,  you are worthy, and you are important.

XO Karen

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