His & Hers Valentine's Gift Guide


Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays! While I fully believe that love should be shown at every moment of the day, 365 days a year... I love Valentine's Day because it's a day where love is celebrated collectively. I'm a true romantic at heart and love sweet, kind gestures. Unlike gift giving at Christmastime, Valentine's day gifting could be a little more difficult but I personally believe a small token of love and appreciation is perfect to show your significant other that you're thinking of them. I've put together a few items that I think your significant other will appreciate as a token of your love. I hope you enjoy! 




This is the perfect gift guide for the girly girl in your life. Touches of pink, red, and the occasional heart make up most of the items in this guide. The pretty pink recipe box is perfect for the gal that loves to spend time in the kitchen. Cute notebooks and stationary are perfect for the girl that loves to write and stay organized. The glass water bottles are so cute and any health conscious girl is sure to love them! You also can't go wrong with a cute and witty tee that pairs well with just about anything!




In the male gift guide, I included succulents, terrariums, and green houses because it would bring a little of the outdoors into your favorite guys' place. Workout clothing and gear are always staples in every male closet. Also, a pair of new sunglasses or a wallet are perfect everyday essentials that your guy will get great use out of. You also can't go wrong with beard essentials, like that power razor with smart technology or Jack Black's About Face set. 



I hope you were inspired by this gift guide to gift the perfect token of appreciation and love to your significant other. I know it's not all about gifts and that love can be shown through other ways, but as a person that loves to gift to others, I know that I love to see others smile when they open that thoughtful gift.

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XO Karen

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