I Am Thankful For...

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. The sheer thought of having friends and family come together to dine and celebrate the act of giving thanks places a huge smile on my face and always seems to warm my heart. I love being positive and looking on the bright side of circumstances. I also fully believe that having a thankful heart leads to being happier overall. Even if a tough situation arises, which life is indeed full of tough situations for all of us, there is always a silver lightning and I always like to make sure I acknowledge it.

I’m a day early, but today I want to share my Thanksgiving list with you all.

I am thankful for:

  1. First and foremost, I am so incredibly thankful for my husband. He keeps me going when things get tough. He is always incredibly supportive and so so encouraging in everything I do. He always has the right words to say that inspire me and make me feel better when I’m feeling down. He is also so funny and always makes me laugh. He’s charming, kind, and I am so lucky he’s my soul mate.
  2. I’m so grateful to live in California. Nothing beats living down the street from the beach. The sun is always shining and there are palm trees everywhere. It truly doesn’t get better than that. 
  3. I’m so thankful for my health. Being kind to my body and treating it with respect is so important to me. I always try and be my best self so I am conscious of what I feed my body and work out with my husband frequently throughout the week to stay strong and fit, which leads to being thankful for healthy food, veggies and fruits, and also the gym.
  4. I’m so thankful for clean drinking water. Earlier this year I made it a habit to drink at least two liters of water a day and now my body depends on it. If I don’t drink water I feel dehydrated and lethargic. I’m thankful for clean drinking water because some people in other parts of the world don’t have that luxury and it breaks my heart.
  5. I’m so thankful for all of you, for your constant support and never ending love. I feel so lucky to have this platform to express myself creatively and it makes me so happy to know that you enjoy what I create.

Now onto the more light hearted things I am thankful for:

  1. Okay, this one might be a little superficial...or fully superficial! Haha! But I'm thankful for mascara.. and nail polish.. and ALL the makeup! because it makes me feel pretty. Most days I just wear mascara and fill in my eyebrows and I’m okay with that because I don’t need to wear tons of makeup on an everyday basis but I truly do enjoy doing a full face of makeup a few times a week. It just feels so good to look put together!
  2. Soothing cups of tea on cold days. I've been having a hot cup of tea every night while winding down for bed and it makes me feel cozy and warm.
  3. As funny as it sounds, I’m thankful for bad hair days because they make the good hair days so much better.
  4. Cozy sweaters and scarfs that keep me warm during chilly fall and winter days.
  5. Kind people, those who cheer you up unexpectedly while you are out and about. Also, kind cashiers who always strike a friendly conversation while checking out. They're my favorite and always make my day!

Those are only a few things I am thankful for. What are a couple of things that you're thankful for this year? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for stopping by and reading along,

XO Karen

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