January 2017 Recap

It's here! The last day of January! Wait, what? I know, right! Where did January go? We just celebrated New Year's and for some strange reason, I feel like this month was a whirlwind. I just can't believe it's over. Every month, I like to share a recap of all the content I worked on, what I shared on social media and what I shared here on For All Things Pretty. I think it's really awesome go back and revisit some of my favorite months, and if you're ever stuck for inspiration, these monthly recaps would be great to come back to.

2017 started off with a bang and lots of sparkle, of course. Is it really the beginning of the year if you don't wear a little glitz and shine? I welcomed in the new year with this really pretty gold sequined skirt and lots of confetti. You can see more of this look when you click this link here. I'm also considering taking this same skirt out next month for a little Valentine's Day fun. You just can't go wrong with sequins, am I right?

I shared this image in my Instagram feed earlier this week, showcasing one of my favorite skin care products. New year means new me, right? This year, one of the things I'm really focusing on is my skin. This Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant has become a staple in my skincare routine, lately. I use it right after I cleanse my face to leave my skin feeling oh-so soft and pollution free. I'm obsessed!

Anyone else equally obsessed with Karen Walker sunnies? I know I am. πŸ™‹πŸ»  These are the Super Duper Strength sunglasses in the colors crazy tortoise and black. 

Southern California got so much rain this month. I'm not the biggest fan of cold weather or rain, but any time I get a chance to wear my new red glossy Hunters make me happy. I shared this rainy day look earlier this month, complete with a white lace dress layered under a classic denim jacket and of course, you can't forget the umbrella. See more of this look when you click here.

01. This hello gorgeous mug, from Target, is what I'm drinking my tea out of these days. I'm loving the overall pink with gold lettering look. So cute! 02. This photo captures just a bit of my office, and that dreamy white tulle skirt? I found it in my latest app obsession, Luv.It. It's a shopping app that has the look of Instagram but the feel of Pinterest, and I can spend so much time just browsing, liking pretty much everything, and purchasing my faves. If you like scrolling through Insta, you won't regret getting this free app. Download Luv.It from the app store, here. 03. Remember how I was saying that skin care is one of my main focuses right now? Well, I found this detoxifying face mask from nΓΌgg that my skin really loves. I have naturally oily skin, so this mask helps draw out impurities while it controls shine. It's definitely a game changer!

Remember that pretty white midi tulle skirt above? I decided to style it and share it here on the blog. If you missed this look, you might want to go and see more of the gorgeous photos I shared. I paired it with a lacy three quarter length sleeved bodysuit that was absolutely perfect for this fluffy skirt. A sparkly choker and matching handbag + fringe heels completed the look. See more of this ultra-fem look when you click here.  

Does your skin get dry and sensitive this time of year? Winter is known for not being so kind to our skin, so I shared 8 of my favorite skin saving beauty products that you need to survive this frigid season. Everything from nails, lips, face, and body, these are my favorite beauty products that I've been reaching for this month. Feel free to take a peek and get ready to say goodbye to dry winter skin for good, when you read the post here.

Two things. One, I shared 3 easy ways to become more productive as a blogger, in this blogpost. And two, this incredible package came in the mail this month by Becca Cosmetics. I'll be sharing a closer look plus initial thoughts on the blog coming soon. You guys, I'm in makeup heaven! Make sure to stay tuned for that glorious makeup post coming shortly. (:

Oh, Ipsy! It never fails me. I am always so excited for happy mail, and Ipsy doesn't disappoint. This month, I got to try a couple of new beauty products that I'm still very excited about. Initial thoughts and individual photos of each product are in this Ipsy Review, January 2017 edition. Spoiler alert, it's so good! You don't want to miss it. 

Fitness and health goals are very real this time of year. Starting a new year encompasses creating healthy habits, so I shared 3 simple ways to start your day off right, along with my favorite three ingredient plant-based oatmeal recipe. I promise that if you follow these three simple steps, mornings will become so much easier and you might even begin to look forward to them! Get the oatmeal recipe and the secret to a successful morning when you read this blogpost.

Last but definitely not least, are these pretty blush carnations I picked up at my local Trader Joe's. They brightened up my home and added the perfect pop of blush pink. I also realized that I needed a new wallpaper for my lock screen on my phone and tablet, so I created a new one using these pretties. I also decided to share it with you and now you can download it from this blogpost, here. You're welcome. ;)

If you're still reading, wow! Thank you so so much for taking a moment of your day to recap January 2017 with me. I always love these types of posts because they're picture heavy and filled with all my favorite captures of the month. I truly can't believe that January is now over, and we're off to a new month. February is going to be an exciting month and I can't wait to share all I have planned. Cheers to a shiny new month ahead!

P.S. What was your favorite moment of the first month of the year? Feel free to share with me down below.  



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