Leaf Crown Tutorial

When I take a moment to stop and admire how truly marvelous and wonderful nature truly is, my heart is filled with gratitude. We are so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty everyday. This leaf crown is feminine, romantic, and it is also incredibly easy to make. Follow the instructions below to make your own seasonal crown.

Step 1. Gather all necessary materials. All you need is string and lots and lots of leaves.

Step 2. Take a leaf and tie a knot where the stem and the leaf meet. Make sure to leave extra string because you'll need it to tie behind your head.

Step 3. Place a leaf on top of the other first one, grab both stems and tie another knot. Basically, all you're going to do is keep adding leaves, one by one, and knotting each one to the previous stems. 

Step 4. The underside should look a little like this. Make sure you keep knotting the newest added leaf stem to the ones previous to it.

Step 5. When you're all out of leaves, place it on your head and cut the extra string to make it even, then tie the string into a bow. Also, I suggest you keep it on a hanger to avoid getting the leaves broken and ruined.

Step 6. It's ready to wear. Enjoy! 

This is more time consuming than anything but the finished product is oh so lovely! Tag me on social media if you make one. I'd love to see!

Thanks for stopping by,

XO Karen

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