In Southern California, when you wake up early on a Sunday morning and look out the window and see that the sky is gray and gloomy and there are rain showers predicted for the rest of the day… you squeal in delight! Oh the irony right? I know exactly what you’re thinking... why would you be happy that it’s cloudy and gloomy outside? You might even believe I’m out of my mind. But let’s get real, I live in a state where it is summer 75% of the year. That means the sun is always shining and it is always gorgeous out. And honestly, there is no reason to complain. I love living in California BUT since we don’t get traditional seasons here I get really excited for any change of weather. With that being said, I woke up, peeked out the window and saw the cloudy sky in all of its glorious wonder. It was finally the day where it was the perfect time to layer, and as thin as those layers may have been because it was truly not that cold out, the sheer fact that it felt slightly like fall for a day made me oh so happy! 

XO Karen

P.S. I've linked a couple of items down below to make it easy to recreate this outfit. I'm also wearing the color Simplicity on my nails from the brand whet nails. Thanks for stopping by!


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