Little Red Boho Dress


I've always loved everything that bohemian style evokes and this dress immediately called my name. Living in Southern California has always inspired a sense of free spirit and I always tend to gravitate towards romantic bohemian pieces. I love how flowy and girly this red printed dress is but the color scared me a little. I love to wear and incorporate neutrals into my every day style, neutrals will always be my go to and absolute favorite to wear but sometimes it's nice to challenge myself and today I chose to push myself out of my comfort zone by incorporating more color into my wardrobe. I learned that just like in life, it's okay to stick with what you love but it's also fun to do or wear something you don't normally wear, to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Sometimes it ends up being a huge hit and you find out you love that color, those shoes, or that top and sometimes it's a miss and you learn from that for future reference but you never would have learned from it if you hadn't challenged yourself and stepped out of your comfort zone. Old ways won't open new doors and yes, I know it's frightful to do something different and venture into the unknown. Believe me, I LOVE being in my comfort zone, I love my daily routine and I'm one of those people that have the same meal for breakfast everyday because it makes me feel happy and safe but I also love trying new things and I've found that's the only way to grow and and learn. Never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, take that leap of faith and you might discover and learn something new about yourself. 

Thank you for reading,

XO Karen

P.S. I've linked a few options to recreate my outfit down below. I've also linked the exact dress and saddle crossbody bag in case you want to take a look. Happy Monday!


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