May 2017 Goals


Yay for a brand new month that is just waiting to be filled with new experiences and possibilities! The beginning of a new month always makes me excited because it's a fresh start that allows for new goals to be set. With warmer weather slowly creeping up on us, I'm so excited to be spending more time outdoors this month. Last month was quite a success, as I met most of my goals that I set out for myself, (read my goals for April here). I've been making a conscious effort to eat healthy every day and workout regularly too, and I've found that it's easy to stay on track and not veer off course if you have an accountability partner that has the same health/fitness goals in mind. I didn't get to post by 8 am everyday like I wanted, which I'm hoping to create that habit this month. Shawn and I also underestimated how much work it would take to create our first Youtube video. We have half of it already recorded but we still need to record the second half, edit, and publish. Can't wait to share it when it's finally done!

As for this month, I'm hoping they weren't wrong when they said April showers bring May flowers, because I'm ready for ALL the fresh flowers! Specially those beautiful peonies everyone is coveting right about now. Along with finishing up my first ever Youtube video and publishing my blogposts by 8am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I have three new goals for this month.

A P R I L   G O A L S :

01. Plan my editorial calendar early on for the entire month. If you'd like an in-depth post about how I like to plan out and schedule my blogposts in advance, let me know! I'd love to share a little more about my method.

02. Create a new series for the month. I have a cool concept in mind that I think would make for a great couple of posts. How fun would it be to share, for example a "Follow Me" series, where I take you to some of my favorite beaches in Southern California and share sights, yummy eats, and fashion via photographs once a week. Fun, right!! Let me know if there are any particular beaches you'd like me to share about.

03. Refine my eating habits. Have you ever heard the saying, abs are made in the kitchen not the gym? Well, summer is quickly approaching and since I'm making an effort to workout so frequently, I figured I should go all the way and get inspired in the kitchen as well. In order to see results, creating healthy eatings habits is key. This month, I plan on stocking up my fridge and pantry with whole foods that will make it easy to stay on a consistent healthy eating streak.

On a side note, I would love to take an afternoon off to get some spring cleaning done in my office and closet space. Lately, I've been feeling like I have too many things, which means a good spring cleaning is in order, stat!

Now that I shared my list of goals for this brand new month, why don't you share a couple of yours? Feel free to let me know a couple of your goals for the month of May in the comments down below. Let's keep each other accountable! (:

Thank you so much for taking a moment of your day to stop by and hangout. Happy Wednesday!