It took me a while to get my skin to where it's at right now. I used to suffer from major breakouts, making me frustrated to see my skin blemished and hurting. It took a lot of trial and error with different skin care products and techniques to see a difference but I finally figured out what worked for me. Today, I'm sharing with you tips and skin care products that made a difference in my skin. 


Step 1: Cleanser. I always cleanse my entire face with this Chamomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. I know it's an eye makeup remover, but I find that it is gentle enough to take some on a cotton round and swipe it across my face to get rid of any filth lingering around.

Step 2: Face wash. I then take a dime size amount of this Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing Face Wash and wash my face with it. I love how it makes my skin feel fresh and clean as soon as I use it.

Step 3: Toner. This Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Toner works wonders and removes any traces of cleanser, makeup, and impurities. It's definitely a current favorite.

Step 4: Moisturizer. I like to use this Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15. It's great for combo & oily skin (I have oily skin). I find that it mattifies my skin and it also gives me protection from the sun. It's a win win! (:

On days when I feel like my skin needs a little more than the usual, I like to use a scrub after cleansing my face and follow it with a mask. I highly recommend using this seaweed scrub from The Body Shop and this mask from Lush. I also recommend this mask to soothe and soften your skin to leave it feeling glowing and fresh. It's one of my faves!


Follow Steps 1-3 from above.

Step 4: Night time lotion. After toning my face, I like to use this Tea Tree Oil Blemish Fade Night Lotion. I fell in love with this product about a week after I started using it. It truly does help to fade acne marks and helps get rid of existing blemishes. 

Step 5: Acne spot corrector. I got a sample of this Acne Spot Corrector in one of my makeup subscription boxes and was afraid to try it. I have sensitive skin and any product could easily break me out. One night I was so desperate to try something to help my skin out. I found this in my drawer, used a q-tip to place some on my blemishes and went to bed. When I woke up and looked in the mirror my blemishes had gotten better. This product also helps with fading existing acne marks. Along with the night time lotion, I feel like this duo is my holy grail and biggest skin clearing secret.

Step 6: Tea tree oil. This is only for emergencies.. like when it's that time of month and you just can't really do anything to prevent that blemish that is bound to appear. But take heart, when it does appear dab some of this on with a q-tip and know that you're skin is about to look so much better in the morning. 

Like I said, it has taken me a lot of trial and error to get to where I'm at in my skin care routine and I'm finally happy with the result of my skin. I've also noticed that drinking plenty of water everyday (half my weight in ounces) has kept my skin clearer and healthier. I like to change my pillow case every few days (3 days to be exact) to keep from bacteria build up. I never touch my face with my bare hands to keep bacteria from transferring to my skin and I also like to use a clean face towel everyday when I towel dry my face after washing it to avoid bacteria build up. I hope sharing this with you will help you out in some way or form. Do you struggle with blemishes and the occasional breakout? What are your favorite skin care products? Let me know below in the comments section. Thank you for stopping by and reading along.

XO Karen

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