Neutral + Feminine For Valentine's Day


Happy Friday! With the weekend upon us, there is so much to celebrate! Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I couldn't be more excited! I love celebrating love!! I love taking a day to acknowledge my husband and thank him for all he does for us. I love spending time together creating new memories, not that I don't acknowledge him and thank him everyday but I absolutely love that it's a day filled with good vibes and love is everywhere. I love cheesy romantic gestures and sweet valentine's day cards are my favorite. And you guys, there's chocolate and what's not to love about that! My husband planned this years Valentine's Day and is so far keeping it a secret, he won't tell me a thing! He loves surprising me and I think it's the sweetest! Today, I'm sharing my Valentine's Day look. I went a different route than the typical pink or red dress but I still feel like this look is feminine and girly. If you don't want to wear pink or red this Valentine's Day but still want to look feminine, go with a neutral color and incorporate girly touches. I'm wearing a taupe dress that has a faux leather belt detail which paired perfectly with black pumps and black sunnies! (You know how I have a favorite pair of brown sunnies that I ALWAYS wear? Well, I found the exact pair but in black, how perfect is that! I've linked them down below and they're less than $20!) How wonderful is that!! This pale pink clutch brought the perfect soft touch to the outfit and just look at that beautiful tassel! A sparkly necklace, red lips, and pale pink mani are other favorite details. Have you decided what you're wearing for Valentine's Day?

I truly hope you have a wonderful weekend and a magical Valentine's Day,

XO Karen


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