New Beauty Try-Outs

Happy Thursday, gal pals! This week has gone by so fast! My goal to blog everyday this week so far has been a success. Today, I'm sharing a few new beauty products I've been trying out for a few days now. This isn't much of a comprehensive review as it is more of me sharing what products I've been using for the past couple of days. I am, however, going to be writing separate beauty blog posts sharing more in depth details and personal thoughts on each of these haircare, makeup, and skin care products. I always love when others share a little more of their skincare, haircare, and make up routines because I love getting to know what products work for each individual, so I'm putting these new beauty products to the test for a few more days and a full review for each will be coming soon. 

H A I R C A R E   //   K R I S T E N   E S S 

This particular hair care brand has taken the internet by storm this past week, specially Instagram. Created by Kristin Ess, a major hair goddess who works with celebrities including Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale. I've been following her ever since I discovered her beauty and hair blog, The Beauty Department, years ago. She just released a full hair care line at Target, which I think is the best! The fact that these products are available at Target means that they're affodable and available to the public. Being that Target is my happy place, I just had to go out and get some of these beauties into my hands (and in my shower).

Initially, I found everything I wanted but the shampoo and conditioner. I'm still keeping an eye out for those two. I did manage to find the dry shampoo, beach wave spray, cleansing conditioner, leave-in conditioner (which my hubby requested for his long curly surfer locks), the loose styling powder (which I'm super excited about!), and the reconstructive moisture mask (I already know my dry hair is going to LOVE this!). 

So far I've tried the dry shampoo, which I love! It smells so clean and leaves my hair shine free without looking dull. I've also tried the beach wave spray on my curled hair and it gave me separation without leaving my hair greasy or feeling weighed down. Hubby did indeed try out the leave-in conditioner and he loved it. He said his hair has never felt softer. Yay!

M A K E U P   //   B E C C A   C O S M E T I C S

A couple of weeks ago, I came home to a pretty incredibly package. Becca Cosmetics sent over this gorgeous eight piece makeup package that is centered around finding your perfect glow. If you follow me on Instagram, I shared a closer look at all of the products on my Insta-stories a few days after I received this generous gift. Included in the package were two priming filters, the instant complexion refresh and the backlight priming refresh, a shimmering skin perfector, soft light blurring powder and soft kabuki brush to apply said powder, two shimmering skin perfectors, one pressed and the other poured in the color opal, and an under eye brightening corrector. I was (and still am) in makeup heaven. These products are designed to give you your best glow at any time of day, from dawn to moonlight. There are six glowy looks in total, dawn, sunrise, noon, sunset, twilight, and moonlight. I'm currently working on a blogpost that will showcase all of these products and their corresponding looks. Stay tuned for all the dreamy, soft, and glowy make-up looks. They're so good! 


S K I N C A R E   //   L A T H E R

I have three new skincare products I'm trying out this month. They're specifically designed to moisturize, hydrate, and soothe the skin which my dry winter skin is so grateful for. I'm trying out a chia seed and passion fruit trio by Lather, a skin care company that believes in using natural and wholesome ingredients in their products, which I absolutely love. Among my new skincare goodies are an exfoliating gel, a facial oil, and a cleansing oil. My first impression from this skincare trio is pretty positive. I love that these products are natual, paraben-free, and are environmentally safe. They smell pretty incredible too, with just a slight hint of a tropical scent coming from the passion fruit. I'll save my full review for another post, but so far I'm really enjoying using these new beauty products in my daily morning and nightime skin care routine.

Switching out your beauty routine every so often can work wonders when you feel like you need a refresher. I feel like sometimes we get stuck in a rut and finding a new holy grail beauty product can take us right out of that ditch. I have really high hopes for all these beauty products and can't wait to share all my findings. What new beauty products, whether it be skincare, haircare, and/or cosmetics, have you discovered lately that you can't absolutely live without now? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Thank you so so much for taking a moment of your day to stop by and hangout. See you back here tomorrow for my last post of the week. P.S. It might be Valentine's Day related. ;)

 Happy Thursday!

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