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This blogpost is sponsored by Caboo Products but as always, any and all opinions are my own.

Newborn Diaper Bag Essentials with Caboo Products

Whose diaper bag is it really, mine or hers? We're officially 38 weeks pregnant and counting over on this side of the screen. With due date quickly approaching, I wanted to share what I'm packing in my diaper bag in preparation for baby girl's arrival. Since she could come at any given moment depending on how comfortable she is in her little womb, it's always best to have everything set and ready to go a couple of weeks before due date. This past weekend, a kind lady stopped me at WholeFoods and told me how I wouldn't remember life without my little one, which makes me so excited! I'm definitely ready to meet this little gal and love on her with everything I have. With that being said, this pregnancy I've been focusing on making sure I nourish my body in an adequate manner to ensure that baby girl is getting all her necessary vitamins and nutrients to grow strong and healthy! Cue the leafy greens, healthy fats, and natural protein. Add to that regular exercise and I truly feel like I'm doing my best to guarantee this pregnancy is a healthy one. Aside from nourishing my body with healthy food and working out regularly four to five times a week, I've also taken a step back and have begun to use cleaner, less toxic and more natural products on my body and around the house. Since I'm taking these precautions before baby comes, it only makes sense to prepare myself with better-for-you products for post pregnancy that I can use on my little one as well. After doing my research I found a couple of brands that I'm truly excited about using on my little love. These are products that are not only better for the environment but also better for her and her little body. 

Newborn Diaper Bag Essentials with Caboo Products
Newborn Diaper Bag Essentials
Newborn Diaper Bag Essentials with Caboo Products

One of the companies I just discovered is actually a paper goods company, Caboo, they use sustainable bamboo & sugarcane in their household paper products (think bath tissue, facial tissue, baby & personal wipes, kitchen roll towels, napkins and cleaning wipes) instead of hardwoods, like trees, that can take decades to replace or that may never even be replaced. Since bamboo and sugarcane is fast growing (actually among the fastest growing on earth!) and doesn't require replanting, it allows for the overall environmental footprint to be considerably lower, which is great for the world we reside in. I'm personally excited for my discovery of Caboo and plan to use their baby wipes on my girl. I love that they're extra gentle, paraben and chlorine free and even BPA free! They're lightly enriched with Vitamin E, chamomile flower, aloe leaf extract and smell so fresh and so clean! You can find their great-for-the-environment products at your local retailer and even online at

Newborn Diaper Bag Essentials with Caboo Products

As for what I'm packing in my baby girl's diaper bag, here's my list thus far:

  • 4-5 diapers 
  • Caboo wipes
  • extra outfit, including socks and onesies
  • burp cloths
  • 2 bibs
  • changing pad
  • nursing cover
  • swaddle blanket
  • pacifier
  • hand sanitizer
  • diaper cream
  • water bottle
  • snack for mom
  • baby first aid kit
Newborn Diaper Bag Essentials

Newborn Diaper Bag Essentials with Caboo Products

Now that my baby girl’s diaper bag is packed I feel so much more prepared for her arrival, which could be any day now! It makes me so happy that there are so many great, clean alternatives to baby products. I only want the best for my little babe!

As always, thank you so much for taking a moment of your day to stop by. See you back here next week for a brand new blogpost.

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