The Truth Is..


I admit it — I don’t have it all figured out…

The truth is, this season of life that I am in is harder than anything I’ve EVER done. Some days are easier than others, other days I just need five minutes to myself, on the couch with a pint of ice cream. Challenging yet rewarding, everything I’ve always heard that motherhood would be yet didn’t understand until I myself became a mom. I’ve had a hard time with balance, leaving things that were near and dear to my heart behind in order to spend time with my daughter. Nothing I regret but things I do miss. At the beginning of the year I made a resolution to get myself to blog at least once a week, something I used to do up to three times a week before baby. You guys, I had such a hard time with this goal but here we go! I’m ready to give it another shot. I miss this space, I miss capturing and sharing. My hope is to return to this space on a weekly basis, to share more of what I love, just like this set of photos I’m sharing today.

A collection of images captured on a cloudy but warm Saturday afternoon.


Sharing this today feels exciting and new. Thank you for stopping by.

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