Twenty Nineteen

Holiday Sparkles

Wow, hi! My gosh, it’s been so long! If you’re reading this, thank you! Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is my first post in about five or six months.. maybe longer. I took an unforeseen break last year. 2018 was challenging to say the least, so incredibly hard but also rewarding and amazing all in one. It was the year I became a mom and learned how to take care of a newborn, the year I unexpectedly decided that spending time with my precious little was a little more important than superficial things like sharing about skincare and outfit inspiration. Today I look back and feel good about that decision, the fact that I was present for every moment, to see her grow and watch her learn something new every single week, it was truly amazing! Now that she’s older and we’re getting a grasp at our everyday routine, I long to be creative again. I’ve missed this. I have missed sharing, creating, styling a pretty photo, reviewing beauty products, the list goes on. My creativity was on the back burner last year and while I don’t regret it one bit, this year I’m hoping to put it, maybe not front and center, but front. I’m hoping to squeeze a little time from my mom life to do what I love and enjoy, which is creating & sharing. I’m excited to say I’ve already set my editorial calendar for the next three months, I’ll be sharing a new post every Friday and I’m so excited about that! I’m starting this year feeling hopeful, inspired, & full light and I hope you’ll follow along this journey of mine again!

Sending you love & light,

Karen ❤️

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