What To Wear On A Warm Southern California Fall Day

Target brown wool hat | Kate Spade earrings | BP sunglasses | Urban Outfitters jacket (similar) | Kendra Scott necklace | Nordstrom ankle booties | Nordstrom crossbody (similar)

What do you wear when it's ninety degrees in Southern California on a fall day? Every morning, I wake up and do what most millennials do as soon as they wake up, reach for my phone. After casually scrolling through Instagram, hopping on Youtube to see what my favorite youtubers uploaded overnight, and checking e-mails, I like to swipe right to my home screen and check the weather for the day. Lately, temps have been in the mid 80's this season, but not today. Today showed clear sunny skies and a hefty 90 degrees. Can you imagine that? 90 degrees on a fall day in Southern California. What is a girl to do but try to dress appropriately for both, fall (must stay season appropriate) and warm weather. Here's what I came up with.

This season, I've been fortunate enough to wear dresses to my heart's content, as seen here and here. Today, I opted for a sleeveless high neck cream dress. I love this dress because even though it's on the simple side, it's made out of lace fabric and is so versatile when it comes to styling it. You can definitely agree with me when I say that dresses are perfect for warmer weather. Now on to the more fall appropriate pieces. I specifically chose this dress because it's an ideal base to work with. Add some fall details and the outcome is a season appropriate look. My go-to fall staple is a good pair of ankle boots, I've been obsessed with these ones that I picked up at Nordstrom at the beginning of the season and have been wearing them every chance I get. Throw on a wool hat and matching crossbody, grab the nearest pair of sunglasses within reach and add a matching Kendra Scott necklace. Don't forget the jacket, because fall layers, obvi. Instead of wearing my jacket, I'll just hold it. Haha!

I'm really hoping for some cooler weather so I can bring out my cozy knitted sweaters soon. As of now there you have it, a warm weather season appropriate look. Ankle boots and a wool hat combo still haven't let me down this season. What season appropriate items have you been loving this fall? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for taking a moment of your day to stop by. Make sure to come back on Sunday morning for a special post.

Happy weekend!



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