Winding Down After A Long Day


Between early morning wake up calls, work, driving through LA traffic (it really is so stressful, guys!), and taking care of making dinner everyday, this girl is exhausted by the end of the day. I think it's very important to wind down and de-stress every once in a while (or every single night!) and have what I call "me time". "Me time" is an hour or so of time in the evening where I get to relax and do something peaceful that brings me joy. I love putting something comfy and cozy on at the end of the day, a cute bralette and soft sweater are always within reach. I also love to make a hot cup of tea and enjoy it while reading a good book or opening up any package that might have arrived on my doorstep earlier that day. I'm currently reading a book I found in my things that I used to love as a teen called The Gazebo, it's a romantic drama and a lot like Nicholas Sparks' style, which I love! I also love subscribing to different monthly subscription boxes. I thoroughly enjoy opening packages filled with pretty things and Rocksbox is one of my favorites. They send three high end pieces of jewelry (worth an average of $200 per set). Wear as much as you'd like then when you get bored of the pieces, simply send them back and they'll send another set. It's so easy and I love jewelry, so I consider it a win. You can use code "forallthingsprettyxoxo" at checkout to get your first month of Rocksbox for free.

I always feel recharged and refocused after I take some time to just be and I find that it helps me be more productive the next day. After being so stressed all day and worrying about the multitude of things on my to-do list, it's nice to enjoy some peace and quiet. What do you like to do to wind down after a long day?

Thank you for stopping by,

XO Karen

P.S. Don't forget to use code "forallthingsprettyxoxo" at checkout to get your first month of Rocksbox for FREE.


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