Winter Wardrobe: Must Have Classics


With winter in full swing now that the January has arrived, there is nothing more than I love but to stay warm. Of course, ninety percent of the time, Southern California is all sun but leave it to winter to bring the cccasional rain storm, windy day, and cloudy sky. As much as I dislike frigid temperatures, a classic winter wardrobe has always been one of my favorites. The ability to layer on cute accessories that double up and keep me warm make me oh so happy. I love wearing neutrals in the winter time, mixing soft tones with darker ones to create a cool contrast. My favorite colors to wear in the wintertime include all the neutrals... black, white, and different tones of grey. Okay, who am I kidding, I love wearing neutrals year round but more so in the wintertime. I promise! Lately, I've been loving adding pops of pale pink to my outfit, I feel like it's soft enough to create a cohesive look but also gives off a fun and girly vibe. I've linked some items down below that are perfect to keep warm and cozy and look cute in the ever so dreary winter weather.


My favorite winter must haves include beanies, mittens, soft cardigans, and faux fur. I love mixing textures and neutral colors to create the perfect winter combo. What is your favorite winter must have?

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XO Karen