Workout Chic with Under Armour & The Outlets at Orange

Under Armour grey beanie c/o | Under Armour white infinity scarf c/o | Perverse sunglasses c/o | Under Armour sports bra (in violet) c/o | Under Armour half zip long sleeve c/o | New Balance navy sneakers (similar)

Hey there gal pals! Today, I’m sharing a very special post in collaboration with Under Armour & The Outlets at Orange. I don’t really talk about this subject too often here because I get caught up in all things pretty (hence the blog name. ha!) but working out and living a healthy lifestyle is something I am so passionate about. Up until a few years ago, eating healthy was all I focused on so when I met my hubby and realized he was always on top of his workouts, we decided to combine our passions to eat healthy + workout together. At first, it was a little tough for me to get excited about working out every day, but as time has passed I find myself looking forward to my workouts more and more. There's just something about successfully completing a workout that is so exhilarating and makes you feel so good about yourself. One thing that I've learned that quickly helps motivate me for my daily workouts (and still continues to motivate me) is adding cute new workout gear to my pre-existing workout wardrobe. Whether it be a cute new sports bra, a cool top (lately, I've been loving long sleeves like I'm wearing today), or even adorable warm accessories, slipping into new workout gear is a huge motivation to actually go out and workout.

I had a chance to visit Under Armour at The Outlets at Orange this past week and was pleasantly surprised. The Outlets at Orange are adding a few new shops to their shopping center and Under Armour is one of them, other new shops include Bloomingdale's The Outlet Store and Nordstrom Rack. This Under Armour location has a pretty substantial selection of women's workout clothes, and of course, also includes men's and children's workout clothing plus shoes as well. As you can imagine, working out five to six times a week means a hefty amount of workout clothes. The way we dress ourselves is not only a huge reflection of who we are but it can also directly impact our self-esteem. Even when I workout, I love matching my clothes and looking presentable. I've also always believed that workout clothes don't have to be boring, but you CAN look workout chic while doing your cardio, attending cycling class, practicing yoga at the studio, or even lifting weights at the gym.

I like to begin my workout chic look with a base, usually a pair of black workout tights. I then add on a sports bra, like this super cute red one from UA (scroll down for more photos), and depending on which workout I'm doing, a short sleeve or long sleeve top. Recently, I've been opting to go with a half zip long sleeve every time I go for a run at the beach because it keeps me pretty warm. Sunglasses are always a must when running outdoors because the sun always seems to catch my eyes. Since it's become slightly colder at the beach, I'm beginning to layer on a knitted infinity scarf and beanie over my long sleeve to keep me warm too.

With healthy New Year's resolutions coming up, it doesn't hurt to start early. If you're in the Southern California area, make sure to stop by Under Armour at The Outlets at Orange for cute new women's workout gear that will definitely keep you motivated to workout. If not, you can shop the links down below. Because everyone deserves to look chic and feel comfortable while working out. How do you get motivated to workout? I'd love to know! Feel free to leave a comment down below.

Thank you so much for taking a moment of your day to stop by. Happy Sunday!

Thanks to The Outlets at Orange for sponsoring this post. 



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